Psychoanalyst / Cynic / Emotion Projection


Gary CareBear (Human Resources)
“Boy, do I look rough this morning.”
“As Usual”
“Wow that’s a real F#$&ing suprise”

Pace: 6; Charisma: -2; Parry: 7; Toughness: 5 (+2 Soaking Damage);

Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d4, Strength d4, Vigor d6

Care Bear Glare: d10
Fighting: d4
Investigation: d8
Knowledge (Psychology: d8+2
Knowledge (Sociology): d8+2
Notice: d8

Broken Spirit – Captured, tortued or just plain witnessed too much, your spirit is broken.
Delusional – Possesses an unconventional belief.
Heartless – Doesn’t have any qualms about killing to accomplish goals.
Mistaken Identity – Bear a strong resemblance to some notorious person.
(All the other positive-minded light-hearted Care Bears)_

Grizzled – The soldiers starts at Seasoned, but there’s a price.
Really Small Guy – Starting Agility automatically increased; potential Strength growth stunted.
Take the Hit – Good at rolling with punches; bonus to Soak rolls. (Made of Cotton Stuffing)
Level Headed – Draw extra action card and keep best.

Power Points: 15
The Buzzkill
Power Points: 1
Range: Smarts x 2
Duration: Instant
Trappings: Sense of Mortality and not living up to your parents expectations.
Instilling a distracting sense of futility into your enemies is a powerful
aid in combat, and this power provides that ability. On a success, a target
must make a Smarts roll at –2 or be Shaken, and on a raise,
the roll is made at –4. The character may affect up to five
targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.

Fuck It
Power Points: 2
Range: Smarts x 2
Duration: 1 minute (1/minute)
Trappings: A wave of “I don’t give a shit” engulfs the area
Stun shocks those within a Medium Burst Template with
concussive force, sound, light, magical energy, or the like.
If the arcane character scores a success, targets within
the area of effect must make Vigor rolls or be Shaken. With
a raise, victims must make Vigor rolls at –2.

•The Puppetmaster•
Power Points: 3
Range: Smarts
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Trappings: Glowing eyes, trance-like state.
Sometimes it pays to persuade others to do your fighting
for you. Some do this by blatant mind control, others do it
by manufacturing visual and auditory illusions. Puppet is an
opposed roll of the character’s arcane skill versus the target’s
Spirit. The user must score a success and beat the target’s
roll to gain complete control. The victim will attack friends
and even commit suicide, though such acts allow the victim
another opposed Spirit roll to break the spell.



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