KungFu / Super-Speed / Air-Dancing


Goku (Foreign Market Sales Manager)
“Kamehameha!!! kamehameha!!!”

Pace: 6; Charisma: 0; Parry: 6; Toughness: 5;

Attributes: Agility:d8 Smarts:d4 Spirit:d6 Strength:d10 Vigor:d8

Fighting: d10
Notice: d6
Persuasion: d4
Taunt: d8
Throwing: d8


Hard to Kill – Wound modifiers not applied to Knockout Blow and Injury tables.
Nerves of Steel – Able to partially ignore the results of pain.
Slugger – Is never consider an Unarmed Defender.
Superior Kung Fu – Learns a style of martial arts with its own particular set of bonuses

Power Points: 15

POWER – Kamehameha bolts
Power Points: 1 per missile
Range: 12/24/48
Duration: Instant
The damage of the bolt is 2d6.
Additional Bolts: The character may cast up to 3 bolts
by spending a like amount of Power Points. The bolts may
be spread among targets as the character chooses. This is
rolled just like fully-automatic weapons fire but without the fullauto
penalty—the character rolls a spellcasting die for each
bolt and compares each to the Target Number separately. If
the caster is a Wild Card, he also rolls a Wild Die, which may
replace any of the casting dice.
Additional Damage: The caster may instead cast a single
3d6 bolt for 2 Power Points. He may not cast multiple bolts
when using this ability.

POWER – Bukū-jutsu – Air Dancing
Power Points: 3/6
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Trappings: Air Dancing allows a character to fly at his basic Pace with a Climb
of 0. He may double his Pace by spending twice the number of Power Points.
Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five
targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.

POWER – Quickness
Power Points: 4
Range: Personal
Duration: 3 (2/round)
Trappings: Blurred motion, hyperactivity.
This power grants incredible swiftness to the recipient. With
success the target has two separate turns per round on his
action card instead of the usual one. Each turn is handled
independently with its own actions, but the character must
resolve one turn entirely before beginning the second. With
a raise, the recipient can redraw any initiative cards lower
than Eight each round.



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