Warrior / Engineer / Cat


Pete Panthro (Sales Manager)
“You can never get rid of evil. It will always exist in some form or another.”
“Be careful. As a cat.”
“Ho!” (In response to someone yelling Thundercats!)

Pace: 6; Charisma: +2; Parry: 6; Toughness: 5;

Attributes: Agility:d8 Smarts:d8 Spirit:d6 Strength:d10 Vigor:d6

Climbing: d10
Fighting: d10+2 (Nunchucks)
Knowledge Mechanics/Engineering: d8
Intimidate: d6+2 (Fangs)
Persuasion: d6+2
Notice: d4+2
Piloting: d8
Streetwise: d8+2
Throwing: d6

Code of Honor – Always exhibits proper behavior due to Management position.
Curious – Must look into anything that grabs attention.
Heroic – Must always help those in need.
Phobia – Has an inexplicable fear of water and causes a penalty to all Trait rolls.

Liquid Courage – You’re tougher after drinking alcohol.
Combat Reflexes – Improves ability to recover from being Shaken.
McGyver/Mechanical Genius – No penalty for using makeshift tools; can jury-rig one use devices.
Snakeoil Salesman – Bonus to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls.

Gear: Smartphone w/ Blu-tooth, Fighting sticks, usually referred to as nunchukus and a 2000 Silver Dodge Stratus (The ThunderTank).



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